16 Julia Cameron Quotes to Inspire You to Write (About Anything!)

Becki Brown
5 min readApr 3, 2022

A Spiritual, Intuitive Approach to Creativity

Julia Cameron is the modern mother of approaching creativity as a spiritual act. She views creative expression as intuitive, presenting it not as something we’re trying to do, but as a process of allowing.

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She has been integral to my journey of reclaiming the writer within me, so I figured I would gather up some of her quotes that’ve inspired me and humbled my approach to the act of creation.

Hopefully they’ll stir something inside you as well, at the very least reminding you that creativity is your birthright, sown into your being.

(Note: All bolding has been done by me for emphasis.)

1. “If I was ‘making something up,’ I was straining to reach for something that might be beyond my grasp. If I was ‘getting something down,’ I was taking direction from a higher source.”

  • Friendly reminder that “a higher source” is whatever you want it to be.
  • I like to think of this “getting something down” as a download, as listening, receiving. It’s a very different process than the straining to write something clever/interesting/insightful/whatever.

2. “I came to believe that creativity is God’s will for us, and that we can practice creativity like any other spiritual practice — a day at a time.”

3. “Rather than regard myself as the self-conscious author of my work, I began to think of myself more as a conduit, a channel through which the Great Creator’s creativity could enter the world.”

4.The Morning Pages will seem pointless. They are not. What you are learning to do, writing them even when you are tired and they seem dull, is to rest on the page.”

  • Morning Pages are essentially morning journaling (stream of consciousness style). The general intention is release — to get what’s inside you out onto the page.

5. “I learned to just show up at the page and write down what I heard… Good, bad? None of my business… By resigning as the self-conscious author, I wrote freely.”



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