Tarot Reflections for This Astrological Moment

Today marks two significant astrological occurrences: the new moon in Leo & Lion’s Gate.

These are powerful opportunities to pause and get in alignment with what we desire and what we’re ready to release.

I did a tarot pull to serve as a guide…

I had an experience this weekend that reminded me how much internal work I have to continue to deconstruct systems of oppression from within myself.

I had the typical set of reactions when confronted with a call-out/in: shutting down, getting defensive, falling into self-hatred/shame/guilt, intense internal grappling, and then eventually…

modern witch tarot deck by Lisa Sterle

I woke up this morning filled with agitation.

I didn’t realize it at first, not until I started interacting with the world did I realize my general impatience with it.

The days leading up to my period are often filled with chaotic internal energy. My hormones are playing badminton inside…

modern witch tarot deck by Lisa Sterle

Six of Cups: Sometimes the smallest gestures are the most potent.

It’s easy for me to underestimate how much power there is in small moments of kindness, generosity, gentleness, and pleasure.

I tend to view generosity in terms of grandness, which I believe is in-part due to growing up around…

I’m making a declaration to the world (insofar as this tiny slice of internet represents the “world”) but mostly to myself to re-commit to my writing.

I went through a breakup of sorts a few months ago, and since then, many parts of me went into dormancy, into hiding.


(Feel free to scroll past backstory & get straight to the goods.)

I grew up Christian and left the faith during my time in college.

I spent much of my 20s believing in not much of anything beyond science and humanism.

And then I spent some time abroad, free of societal, familial, and friend expectations, which allowed me to begin to build…

Wrapping My Heart Around the Atlanta Shootings

I stare at the bags under my eyes after a full night’s sleep. I feel the exhaustion permeating my body. I feel confused.

I know there are words, thoughts, feelings that need to be released, but I hesitate, struggling to find them, because I am scared. Scared of getting it…

I’ve made a decision: to try to allow myself to be loved and to love in return.

Let me be clear: it’s not as though I’ve been navigating the past 30 years rejecting love on a conscious level — I gave and accepted what I could. …

i literally scrolled back up midway through reading this to see if i'd accidentally clicked on one of my older pieces. your words are my words. your feelings are my feelings. and you are far from empty, but i feel you in that it seems like you're not getting the nurturing you need -- i can relate to this hard.

that realization is so empowering, because now you can do something about it! and i do believe the losing ourselves is part of the process of finding ourselves. anyway, not trying to be too cliche over here but i'd love to hear where you're at now. the universe heals when you heal yourself <3

keeping find your voice, because what you have found is magic

This is me, right after attending a virtual International Women’s Day event, processing through an experience that has forced me to examine parts of myself that I resist looking at (and therefore need to look at with increased intention and scrutiny).

Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay

This is how the moment that played out that…

Becki Brown

A reluctant optimist, I use writing to talk myself down from the perpetual threat of existential crises. https://beckitabrown.tumblr.com/ https://w

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