I’m making a declaration to the world (insofar as this tiny slice of internet represents the “world”) but mostly to myself to re-commit to my writing.

I went through a breakup of sorts a few months ago, and since then, many parts of me went into dormancy, into hiding.


(Feel free to scroll past backstory & get straight to the goods.)

I grew up Christian and left the faith during my time in college.

I spent much of my 20s believing in not much of anything beyond science and humanism.

And then I spent some time abroad, free of societal, familial, and friend expectations, which allowed me to begin to build…

Wrapping My Heart Around the Atlanta Shootings

I stare at the bags under my eyes after a full night’s sleep. I feel the exhaustion permeating my body. I feel confused.

I know there are words, thoughts, feelings that need to be released, but I hesitate, struggling to find them, because I am scared. Scared of getting it…

I’ve made a decision: to try to allow myself to be loved and to love in return.

Let me be clear: it’s not as though I’ve been navigating the past 30 years rejecting love on a conscious level — I gave and accepted what I could. …

Becki Brown

A reluctant optimist, I use writing to talk myself down from the perpetual threat of existential crises. https://beckitabrown.tumblr.com/ https://w

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